Ahad, 21 Februari 2010

Technical Diagram.

A reflective tint layer will be placed before the computer screen. When screen projects an empty black background, the tint will be highly reflective and will act as a mirror. Upon user commands, the screen will project presentation that will penetrate the tint hence becoming visible to user.
The tap will be rigged to two switches that will convey two commands. Merely two commands are required for this installation. First, to initiate the countdown when the tap is turned on and second, when turned off, to start playing the presentation.

Flow Chart.

Plan View.

Concept Diagram.

FYP 2 | Critique 1 : Content

The user will be faced with a standard mirror above a sink. When the tap is turned on a countdown will appear on the mirror which then acts as a screen.
The countdown is to make known how long the user is leaving the tap turned on as this is relevent to the facts that will be displayed in the presentation.
Assuming the user turns off the tap prematurely before the end of the countdown, the presentation will start automatically. However, if the tap is left turned on for an extended period, the presentation will start after 10 seconds of the countdown. The following video displays the proposed presentation. It is however only a simple representation. The actual presentation will have more ellaborate animations that is targeted to keep the user entertained yet informed throught the presentation.